What are digital caricatures?

Live digital caricatures are attention grabbers and crowd pleasers perfect for trade shows, conventions, weddings, and more. Drawn on an iPad and projected on a large flat screen, your guests can watch the fun from farther away and in groups. Those caricatured get a personalized souvenir of your event and can also download their sketch to share on social media or use as their online avatar. Digital caricatures will set your event or trade show booth apart from anything your guests have ever experienced.

How many people can be drawn per hour?

  • DIGITAL CARICATURES: Each digital color caricature takes around 6 to 8 minutes to complete. Around 10 – 12 guests will be drawn per hour. The flatscreen projection provides entertainment to those standing around. People love to watch the caricature unfold.
  • CLASSIC CARICATURES: Classic black & white caricatures take about 2-3 minutes each to draw. About 25 guest will be drawn per hour.

How much space is needed? Do we need to provide the artist with anything?

Lou needs about 8′ x 5′ space with an electrical outlet and three chairs.

If you want Lou to be outdoors, he asks that you provide a covered area for him to
work in.

Is there a minimum amount of time for a booking?

Generally, Lou has a 2 hour minimum booking requirement. But he has been known to make exceptions.

Can our company logo be on each caricature? What about a custom background?

Yes, your company logo, tagline, or the name of your event can be included on each caricature. If you would like a custom background or cartoon body be used, a studio fee will apply – usually $100 per custom background (example: A city skyline, or body template where the guest appears to be using your product). Please contact Lou for an exact quote.

How long does it take for setup?

  • CLASSIC CARICATURES: It takes Lou about 15 minutes to set up for classic caricatures.
  • DIGITAL CARICATURES: It takes him about 30 – 45 minutes to set up for digital caricatures.

Lou always arrives early to events for setup and those last minute changes that can happen.

What size are the caricatures?

  • DIGITAL CARICATURES: 4″ x 6″ high quality prints. These are the perfect size for a few reasons. The printer is much smaller. They’re faster to print, easier to carry and pack. They’re a great size for trade shows and weddings because many of your guests are traveling.  They also fit neatly into badge holders.
  • CLASSIC CARICATURES: 11″ x 17″ black and white on high quality paper. These are great for picnics, company parties, mitzvahs, Quinciñeras, birthday parties, and more.

Can I order a custom caricature illustration to be framed?

Yes. Lou does do commission work. Gift caricatures are the perfect answer for that special someone who has everything.

If you didn’t see the answer you were looking for above, feel free to contact Lou with your question:

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